16 Must See Sports Uniform Mishaps

Michael Jordan and sports uniform
The sports uniform plays a crucial role in any game. What you wear identifies your team. It makes identifying teammates easier especially in the midst of a fast-paced game. After all, you do not want to pass the ball to the opposing team.

However, there are times when these sports uniforms seem to have a mind of their own. Here are some of the best uniform malfunctions that you might have missed.

Someone spelled the great Gretzky’s name wrong. Poor guy must be out of a job right now.

sports uniform gretzky

Olga Graf just bagged bronze. She  also unknowingly began to unzip her top not realizing that she had nothing under her uniform.

sports uniform Olga Graf

Italian swimmer Flavia Zoccari as not happy about this malfunction. She was forced to sit the Mediterranean games out after ripping her uniform. Imaging training long and hard only to be sidelined by faulty uniforms. Tough luck!

sports uniform flavia_zoccari

Stephanie Gilmore’s name is recognized in the world of surfing after winning multiple World Championships and Elite Tour victories. But although she is on top of her game, her top obviously did not want to cooperate.

sports uniform Stephanie Gilmore

Funnyman and bobsledder Christopher Spring took to social media when he realized that he had too many carbs before the games.

sports uniform with Christopher Spring

His Airness Michael Jordan is not immune to sports uniform mishaps. During a return game to the NBA, someone stole his #23 jersey. He had to wear a nameless #12 jersey during a game because of it. That someone is going to get rich on Ebay.

Michael Jordan and sports uniform

Spanish diver Jenifer Benitez was caught adjusting her swimsuit just as the camera zoomed in on her.

Jenifer Benitez sports uniform

Brie Bella just revealed to the world another side to her.

Brie Bella sports uniform

These athletes had to deal with too tight uniforms that left nothing to the imagination.

Ladies feeling uncomfortable with tight sports uniform

This is one of those sports uniform fails that can have dire consequence. An inverted-color flag of the Philippines means war. Well, the athletes are going to a battlezone so maybe that was why the red was on top.

Philippine flag and sports uniform mistakes

The opposing team would stop at nothing to prevent Nick Helenius from trying to maneuver in for a goal.

Nick Helenius and sports uniform fail

Figure skating is a sport that tackles finesse on the ice and Ekaterina Rubleva from Russia exemplifies that. There is no amount of wardrobe malfunction that will get in her way of chasing that top spot.

Ekaterina Rubleva and her sports uniform disaster

This cheerleader’s wardrobe malfunction must have made a lot of people very happy that day.

Cheerleader and with sports uniform fail

Tennis player Arantxa Rus doesn’t seem to be concerned that she is already exposing her behind with her sports uniform.

Arantxa Rus showing her behind

Jockeys are supposed to be small and light to help them win the race. Their uniforms probably have the same lightness to it.

Jockey with sports uniform fail

Running is an intense and fast sport that you barely have time to check if your bulge is hanging out for the whole world to see.

Runner with sports uniform fail

Did you enjoy these sports uniform mishaps?

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