15 Weird Sports You Did Not Know Existed

We are not really sure why these weird sports exist. Was it meant to showcase cultural trait? Or is it a way to practice tradition?

Sports is a necessary part of life because it espouses physical health and overall well-being. However, there are some sports that seem to have fallen through the cracks of what is considered normal.

Here are some of them.

Wife carrying

Well, a husband is supposed the carry the burden of providing for their wife. This could be a great translation for it. The winners are awarded beer that is the same weight as their wife. Best way to motivate if we do say so ourselves.


Camel wrestling

In Turkey, a female in heat drives two male camels to fight. Should there be a human version of this?


Chess boxing

Chess boxing in London has alternate rounds of chess and boxing. As if chess or boxing is not hard enough on its own.


Sepak Takraw

This is similar to volleyball only you use your feet to keep a small ball off the ground.


Worm charming

Why in the world would you want to charm worms? Well, the English sometimes feel the need to do so and consider it a sport. Participants try to charm these slimy soil dwellers up into the open. For fishing, perhaps?


Unicycling football

We are not sure what this is called actually. There are some parts of the world where they combine unicycling and football because, why not?


Bed racing

Maybe they find it entertaining. We really do not know. But seeing the size of the beds, it may be a way to display physical prowess. Maybe. We are not sure how that is a bed though.


World Gurning

This contest is no doubt one of the weirdest and most bizarre sports you will ever see. The uglier you get while face pulling, the bigger your chances of winning.


Cheese rolling

You cannot go wrong with cheese. Right?


Ferret legging

There are a lot of weird sports but ferret legging is quite bizarre. Participants tie the pants at the ankles and slide down two ferrets in their pants. Whoever keeps the ferrets in their pants is the winner. We feel for the animals. Seriously.


Pig racing

Because Babe is our hero.


Toilet seat toss

This is similar to horseshoe toss only they use discarded toilet seats for an even bigger challenge.


Elephant polo

These animals are not really bred for speed, agility, and precision. Why in the world would you use them for polo?


Outhouse racing

We have no words for this.


Pumpkin sailing

Probably because boats can sink.


What can you say about these weird sports?

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