15 Of The Coolest Olympian Tattoos In Rio 2016

Olympian tattoos seem to be the best way to compliment the beautiful physique of athletes. In Rio 2016, we saw a lot of athletes who were not afraid to ink up and decorate their bodies with great looking tattoos.

Most of the tattoos we have spotted clearly pay homage to the Olympic games – just like the ink at the back of Irina Sazonova’s neck. The other tattoos we spotted does not look like they are related to the Olympic event. It probably has a deeper and personal meaning.

Whatever is the story behind these body decorations, it shows just how athletes really value their bodies. At least, enough to give it a permanent work of art.

Here are 15 of the Olympian tattoos spotted during the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Ryan Cochrane

While the Canadian swimmer was training for the competition, he showed this Olympic tattoo on his back.

Alice Mizzau

The Italian swimmer posted this photo on her Instagram account to announce that she is returning to the Olympics for a shot at the podium finish.


Jessica Quintino

Handball player Jessica who plays for Brazil is seen in this photo with a cute tattoo of Minnie and Mickey Mouse on the left arm. What a way to draw inspiration from Disney for an Olympic game.


Federico Grabich

Argentinian swimmer Frederico pays homage to the Olympic rings for his tattoo as he prepares for his 50m Freestyle heat.


Irina Sazonova

Gymnast Irina Sazonova farom Iceland proudly displaying her calf tattoo during a balance beam routine for the Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Qualification round.


Daria Spiridonova

Russian gymnast Daria Spiridonova has a latin tattoo on her left foot which translates to “
I have always been my guardian.”


Monika Brzostek

“Carpe Diem” which translates to “seize the day” is written on Polish beach volleyball player Monika Brzostek’s lower back.


Busra Katipoglu

Judo fighter Busra Katipoglu is seen her with a tattoo of the Rio Olympic rings on her right ankle which is popular amoung Olympic athletes. This signifies that they were once part of the biggest sporting event in the world.


Erika Souza

Brazilian basketball player Erika Souza is pictured here with a full sleeve tattoo on her left arm showing intricate flower designs.


Marcel Nguyen

Gymnast Marcel Nguyen from Germany is seen here with his tattoo as he takes on the pommel horse during the last day of the Olympics.


Sarah Sjostrom

Another one of the coolest Olympian tattoos during the Rio 2016 Olympics was that of Swimmer Sarah Sjostrom from Sweden. Here she is hugging Michelle Coleman right after their 200m Freestyle semifinals.


Clemens Doppler

Volleyball player from Austria Clemens Doppler is photographed during a match showing his cool tattoo.


Ignacio Perrin

Argentinian boxer Ignacio Perrin proudly displays his cool Olympic tattoos after a training session days before the actual olympics.


Taliqua Clancy

Taliqua Clancy is a voleyball player from Australia who has a tattoo on her body that says “I carry it in my heart.” Here she is during a qualifying match where they were up agains Netherlands.


Zlatko Horvat

Handball player Zlatko Horvat from Croatia also has one of the coolest Olympics tattoos in the last Rio 2016 Olympics. Here he is with a cheetah on his leg signyfying strength and speed on the field.


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