11 Reasons Men Watch Sports Highlights On TV

men watch sports Charlotte Jackson
Of course men love the game! But do you think that is all there is to it? Of course not!

Enter the sideline barbies!

It appears as if sideline reporters and correspondents have one thing in common – most of them are as hot as the game itself! If you notice, a lot of the sports reporters from Fox Sports, ESPN and NBC are young and very attractive. What can you expect? With a demographic that is hugely male, you wouldn’t be surprised at this revelation. The sideline barbies are most likely to stay and revolutionize sideline reporting as we know it.

Not that we are complaining. If you look at these 11 hot female sports reporters, you might even decide to be a sports fan yourself.

Kristina Fitzpatrick

Initially known as Kristina Akra, she spent her first season on Fox Sports South covering the Braves game. Before this, Ms. Fitzpatrick used to be based in New York with the MLB Network. She was the lead moderator for MLB Now but found herself cut when the producers retooled the show. Sports fans everywhere would think of it as a blessing in disguise.

men watch sports Kristina Fitzpatrick

Alex Curry

This sports broadcaster started with a regional market exposure but will certainly be given some national action. Thanks to her good looks, personality and broadcasting prowess, Alex Curry is someone to watch out for. You can also find her Twitter feeds to be quite informative.

men watch sports Alex Curry

Renee Young

This WWE reporter may not technically be a sports reporter – but viewers are not really complaining. She can be seen interviewing wrestlers and sometimes, hosting pre-game events. This Canadian bombshell is a huge fan of pro wrestling and she seems to be at home in this industry – so much so that she fell in love with a pro wrestler – Dean Ambrose.

men watch sports Renee Young

Britt McHenry

Another blonde bombshell is gracing the sidelines for ESPN. This reporter caught the public’s eye when she was caught by a surveillance camera playing the “Do you know who I am?” card. This nasty Mean Girl event, although cost her a suspension will probably not end her career. So expect to see more of her in the sporting world.

men watch sports Britt McHenry

Lauren Gardner

Although quite young, this sports reporter has done more than enough to have a quite impressive resume. Being a former Denver Broncos cheerleader, you can assume that this gal really loves the game. This graduate of the University of Colorado was picked by CBS sports covers college football, tennis, and even baseball.

men watch sports Lauren Gardner

Heidi Watney

This is one girl who gets a lot of positive and negative reports herself but that does not make her any less talented in what she does. She is currently working with MLB Network. She is also the cousin of professional golfer Nick Watney – which means sports do run in the family.

men watch sports Heidi Watney

Cari Champion

She is said to be the first female African American to anchor ESPN’s SportsCenter – quite an achievement for this beautiful reporter. She used to be the moderator of First Take, the debate-style show of ESPN.

men watch sports Cari Champion

Jenny Dell

This beautiful brunette is an NFL reporter for CBS but she said that she never planned to become a broadcaster. But a producer spotted her while working in the marketing department of ESPN – that led to her exposure. We are sure happy she was discovered for all to see!

men watch sports Jenny Dell

Jaime Maggio

This blonde sportscaster seem to have done it all when it comes to sports TV. She was a correspondent for Fox Sports Network, a courtside reporter for the Philadelphia 76ers, a correspondent for Inside the NBA, and was even a sideline reporter for the NFL. She’s certainly one busy gal and you won’t find a lot of guys complaining!

men watch sports Jaime Maggio

Charlotte Jackson

Sky Sports News has one thing going for them and her name is Charlotte Jackson. She has quite an interesting background coming being married to a Chris Coleman who is a soccer player, initially covering golf and football but her break came from a dart competition coverage and being a musician in an all-girl band. All these of course, boil down to one thing, she is a big reason ratings are high.

men watch sports Charlotte Jackson

Erin Andrews

Arguably one of the most well-known sports personalities in the list, Erin has covered the World Series and can be seen working the sidelines for NFL on FOX. That is if she is not doing her gig as co-host for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

men watch sports Erin Andrews

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