11 Margaritas for Serious Tequila Drinkers


Margaritas have potential to be so much more than par-for-the-course tequila and sour mix combinations with predictable salt rims. Great margs won’t sacrifice the complex flavors of tequila, whether that’s the vanilla notes in a barrel-aged reposado or the creamy finish of an añejo.

The best margaritas are imaginative with their mixers and wouldn’t dare sucker punch you with an over-zealous sour mix (trust us, you’re better off ordering a beer if the bartender uses a margarita mix).

Kevin Vanegas, U.S. brand ambassador for Tequila Herradura and Tequila el Jimador, who has been judging margarita competitions for nearly a decade says fresh lime juice and a premium tequila are the fundamental building blocks.

“One of the components we also look for is originality,” he says. And these 11 margaritas sure knock it out of the park on that front. 

Beyond being wildly creative, they still honor the high-quality tequilas that give them life. And as every tequila aficionado knows, mixers should elevate the liquor, not hide it. Don’t want to make your own? Seek out these incredible margaritas around the U.S. 


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