10 Worst Celebrity Selfies with Fans

Worst Celebrity Selfies with Fans

Since “selfie” had become Oxford English dictionary’s word of the year in November 2013, the phenomenon have continued to become even more popular. Selfies make both fans and celebrities stand on common ground, especially when they share the same selfie limelight. Each snap of the camera isn’t always picture perfect though, even with celebs. We’ve seen countless worst celebrity selfies with fans and compile some of our chosen ones. 

Worst Celebrity Selfies with Fans

Here are 10 worst celebrity selfies with fans!

Kim Kardashian

Our list starts with no other than the queen of selfie at the moment, Kim K. While Kim definitely breaks the Internet with almost all her photos, this one doesn’t make the cut and the awkward smile attests to that.

Worst Celebrity Selfies with Fans

Robin Thicke

It’s supposedly the picture which resulted to numerous tabloid stories (along with the famous yet infamous Miley Cyrus live twerking VMA duet in 2013), leading towards Thicke’s separation and eventually divorce with Paula Patton. They have been married for 10 years and have known each other since they were teens.

Speaking of teens, Robin is now dating April Love Geary, a 21-year old very young model compared to Thicke who’s now at 39.



Peter Andre

A classic picture of Australian singer Peter Andre when a fan jumped in for a kiss during the Fabulous Face and Body clinic launch in Harley Street, London in 2011.


Cheryl Cole

There’s no arguing that she’s definitely the most excited fan of all time after seeing then X-Factor judge Cheryl Cole.

4 combined

Jon Stewart

Looks like Jon Stewart wasn’t feeling the peace sign here. Taken when he was still part of The Daily Show. Stewart now works behind the scenes as a producer for shows like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


Justin Bieber

The Biebs got his eyes and hands all over fans.

6 combined

Luke Wilson

Luke is all eyes on the prize and not the camera here. He’d probably say cheers and not cheese.


Russell Brand

She’s leaning in for a kiss… oh wait, it’s supposed to be the obligatory cheek to cheek right? Quite expected from a former sex addict. Too bad, ex-wife Ms. Perry wasn’t able to help him get over the habit either.


Miley Cyrus

It’s Miley getting cozy with some fans or is it the other way around? Either way, we’re not surprised to see her signature tongue skills.

9 combined

Britney Spears

They look so close with that similar pose… or not.


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