10 Top Flop Movies of All Time

Top Flop Movies

It’s quite contrasting and a bit ironic to list top movies when they have flopped the box office top movies list but hey, it’s just for fun. We’re not about to deeply digest and analyze whey these movies did not make it big but we will definitely throw some thoughts here and there. Your opinion is also very much welcome at the comments section below.

Top Flop Movies

But before that, here are 10 movies which spent more than it gained in terms of revenue (as of this writing).

John Carter (2012)

First on the list is what made heads roll including then Disney Studios head Rich Ross who was previously successful with the Disney Channel. He allegedly blamed Pixar, which animated the 3D effects. Author Michael D. Sellers on the other hand believes that the screenplay failed by not mentioning key elements like “Mars”, “Barsoom” and “Edgar Rice Burroughs” which would have attracted the original book fans.

top flop movies

Budget: $263.7M

Gross: $284.1 M

Loss: $126 – 206 M

The Lone Ranger (2013)

It’s another Disney fail along with Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp’s respective production companies. Despite Bruckheimer’s previously successful films including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it didn’t work this time around. Some reviews note the lack of chemistry between Armie Hammer and Depp and the latter’s ineffective portrayal of a Native American.

lone ranger

Budget: $225 – 250M

Gross: $260.5M

Loss: $97–193M

The 13th Warrior (1999)

Omar Sharif, one of the co-stars was so disappointed by the outcome of the movie that he stopped accepting movie roles for some time unless he believes in the story and not accept it for its sheer face value: a so-called meal ticket. He went so far as to subtly insult the script (same writer for Jurassic Park) and director (Die Hard).


Budget: $100 – 160M

Gross: $61.7M

Loss: $98 – 183M

47 Ronin (2013)

This is only one of several disappointing Keanu Reeves films. It looks like the Matrix star had been dwindling in cult following since Neo. Some reviewers blame the timing since 47 Ronin was released during Christmas time while others believe that the bomb was set due to the movie’s lack of appeal to the Japanese audience when the movie was solely based on their culture.


Budget: $175 – 225 M

Gross: $151.8 M

Loss: $100 – 152 M

Mars Needs Moms (2011)

Third time’s a charm but not for Disney, in this list. Like 47 Ronin, this 3D animated film battled a bigger hyped film during the time it was scheduled for theatrical showing. It lost the battle against Battle: Los Angeles. Social media was starting to grow exponentially at the time also, making it easier to spread the word about a bad film.


Budget: $150M

Gross: $39M

Loss: $105–151M

Tomorrowland  (2015)  

It’s one of those very rare dystopian plot based films which didn’t make the cut on the box office hits; when the “last hope” (Britt Robertson’s character alongside George Clooney)” didn’t save the day, not even for Disney with four movies on this list.


Budget: $180 – 190M

Gross: $209M

Loss: $76 – 150M

Pan (2015)

Every legend has a beginning… that’s not worth retelling if it can’t provide the same excitement as a legendary character like Peter Pan. Some reviewers say this movie ruined their childhood.


Budget: $150M

Gross: $128.4M

Loss: $93–150M

Cutthroat Island (1995)

After this film’s poor reception, pirate movies have been unpopular until a revival through Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise series.


Budget: $98M

Gross: $18.3M

Loss: $138M

The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

While the movie is a total disaster on theaters, it performed well on DVD rentals.

pluto nash

Budget: $100M

Gross: $7.1M

Loss: $126M


Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

While this movie upped the ante for animated films at that time, it was still considered rotten by reviewers from the popular crowd sourced site Rotten Tomatoes.


Budget: $137M

Gross: $85.1M

Loss: $126M


Note that figures are not 100% accurate and may actually still improve with the addition of royalties from TV and DVD release over time. The list is never final.

For a complete list of top flop movies of all time, you can refer to this Wikipedia page which shows 102 flop films as of this writing.

Were you surprised to see a familiar movie listed? Let us know what you think!

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