10 Science-Backed Tips Guaranteed to Make You a Better Runner


If you’re a runner, you know how obsessed the world’s become with harnessing the best technology and engineering it in such a way to propel athletes to run faster than ever before, while safeguarding their joints and muscles from injury—and, of course, being as light as humanly possible. The newest running shoes are so widely publicized and sought after that most leisurely runners don’t think about the nuances in training and recovery an elite athlete employs to be a better runner day after day.

Running is a wholly individualized discipline. Sprinters, mid-distance runners, and ultramarathoners are prone to different risks (e.g. overtraining, IT Band Syndrome, heat exhaustion), need specialized training programs and modalities to achieve individual goals (get faster, run more efficiently, boost endurance), and targeted recovery methods to stay healthy. Problem is, most of the information on the internet on how best to achieve each of these markers is wildly contradictory.

So experts from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis and the Jaybird Running Sports & Human Performance Division consolidated more than 200 studies on running. The meta-analysis has distilled the unwieldily wealth of information into 10 rules for runners.

Read up on the rules here before you head out for your next run to tap into your inner Eliud Kipchoge.

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