10 Hollywood Body Doubles That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Brad Pitt body double
Body doubles are quite common in Hollywood. After all, you cannot expect celebrities to do all those dangerous stunts now do you? If they break a leg or do damage to their face, that could be the end of their career. Often times, when a dangerous scene is about to be shot on camera, professional body doubles are called upon to do the work. Before you think that Hollywood does not care about the welfare of these people, think again. These are trained professionals who can handle the dangerous stunts.

One cannot help but wonder – what does it feel like to be a body double of a famous celebrity? Most of the time, they are physically the same as their celebrity counterpart. Have they ever been approached and asked for an autograph?

Only these people will know. Here are 10 Hollywood body doubles who can relate to mistaken identities.

Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean

I think it is mostly the costume that does it.

Johnny Depp body double

Natalie Portman for Black Swan

The controversial body double. Remember?

Natalie Portman body double

Arnold Schwarzenegger for the Terminator

Look at that make up!

Arnold Schwarzenegger body double

Chris Hemsworth for Thor

Look at those muscles.

Chris Hemsworth body double

Kate Winslet for Titanic

Well, they both look pale.

Kate Winslet body double

Chris Evans for Captain America

He looks just as hot as the original.

Chris Evans body double

Mark Ruffalo for Now You See Me

Could have fooled me.

Mark Ruffalo body double

Reese Witherspoon for Hot Pursuit

Two blonde bombshells.

Reese Witherspoon body double

Emma Watson for Harry Potter

Didn’t know she needed so many body doubles.

Emma Watson body double

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for (most of this films)

No doubt they’re friends now.

Dwayne Johnson body double

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